SaaS Marketing


Over 5 years I have written and edited dozens of high-ranking blog posts for Unbounce, Hubspot, Copper CRM and more.

Each post has been thoroughly researched (including SEO) and briefed to ensure the goal and audience is top of mind.

Amy is one of the best editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Because she is such an experienced and talented writer herself, she really gets other writers and intuitively understands how to work with them. I always look forward to hearing her thoughts and angles and I’ve delivered some of my best work with her as my editor. Amy is awesome and I give her my warmest and strongest recommendations!

Michael Aagaard, International Keynote Speaker & Conversion Optimizer

Customer Marketing

As a Customer Marketing Strategist at Unbounce, I delivered several 1-to-many customer campaigns focused at one of the following:

  • Revenue Expansion
  • Feature Adoption
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Churn Reduction

My role as a specialized generalist meant that I was involved in campaign ideation, strategy, prototyping, testing, launch and analysis, with a focus on messaging and copy.

The best example of [Amy's] great work was for our automated revenue expansion program. Amy executed on campaign and creative strategy, key messaging, copywriting for multiple assets, prototyping and usability testing. To date, the campaign has generated tens of thousands of new annual subscription value. 

Justin Tsang, Director of Customer Marketing at Unbounce