If you hire Amy, you're going to hire someone that's not only a creative, yet structured and technically proficient writer / editor, but also a professional that cares deeply about ethics, teamwork and deadlines. I can say this because over the course of our 1+ years working together at Unbounce, Amy went from writing conversion copy for customer marketing campaign assets to being our team's writing expert and running our campaigns all-up. Always on time, with results top of mind.

The best example of her great work was for our automated revenue expansion program. Amy executed on campaign and creative strategy, key messaging, copywriting for multiple assets, prototyping and usability testing. To date, the campaign has generated tens of thousands of new annual subscription value. 

So what you waiting for? Give Amy a shout!

Justin Tsang, Director of Customer Marketing at Unbounce

Amy was absolutely stellar to work with! I asked her to help me with a big client on a very tight timeline and it was really like having an expert copywriter and a coach in the same person. From looking at her work and receiving her thoughtful suggestions on how to improve my own, my own skills as a copywriter improved over the course of the project.All the work she took on was delivered in a more-than-timely manner and consistently exceeded my high standards. Communication was on point with both me and with my client. I can't recommend her highly enough and am looking forward to working with her again in the future!

Becky Davis, Founder of Spilled Tea Consulting

Amy is one of the best editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Because she is such an experienced and talented writer herself, she really gets other writers and intuitively understands how to work with them. I always look forward to hearing her thoughts and angles and I’ve delivered some of my best work with her as my editor. Amy is awesome and I give her my warmest and strongest recommendations!

Michael Aagaard, International Keynote Speaker & Conversion Optimizer

Amy has been incredible helpful to me throughout the opening of my business. She was truly the voice of our business and communicated our ideas extremely well. She really went above and beyond our expectations when putting together a press release package and showing us media outlets that would be most responsive to us. Through this we were able to gain enhanced exposure and reach clients who would not have found us on their own. Amy was dedicated to her work with us, and I always appreciated her attentiveness and quick responses to any of our needs.

Christina Christie, Owner of Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio

I've never felt so motivated by another coworker — her hard work is infectious... When she takes ownership of a project, I know that I can fully trust her to execute it on time and with finesse... She's been a huge part of polishing processes that help us work more efficiently as a team...

I've been working with Amy for over a year now, and she continues to surprise and delight me with her ideas and work ethic. She is a rare gem. Hardworking, intelligent, humble. And somehow throughout all of this, she is an absolute delight to work with. I wish I could clone her.

Amanda Durepos, Product Marketer at Element AI